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SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

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Product details

A digital certificate, or SSL certificate, is a file that verifies the website and its security to the user. SSL certificate provides protection for a specific domain. It can be used to secure any website, regardless of the content. This certificate is especially important for e-commerce websites and any transactional website, because it ensures that all data being transmitted is encrypted. If a website does not have an SSL certificate, all information will be sent in plain text.


Top 5 benefits of SSL certificate

  • Protect your customers' data, keep them safe and secure.
  • Protect your customers by encrypting sensitive data.
  • Keep your site in good graces with Google search results.
  • Increase trust in the business and improve conversions.
  • Defend against phishing attempts and other security threats.



  • This is renewal product.
  • Renewal cost will be up down for next year.


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